No rewards so far.. (Shelley mainnet)

Hi folks,

I have delegated my wallet during the 1st epoch of the Shelley mainnet, yet I still haven’t received any rewards. Since then, I haven’t changed my staking preferences.

I was expecting to receive my first rewards on the 18th of August (as per the graph on reward calculation and distribution uploaded online).

Do you have any insights on this?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

First rewards will be paid out at 23. August. This has been postponed for an epoch due a display bug in Daedalus which didnt show all pools.

Hi Zyroxa, thanks a lot for the prompt reply and clarification. Please allow me to submit two more questions in this thread.

Are we going to receive the rewards of the previous epochs (the ones since the launch of the mainnet) or just the ones associated with the current one?

After the current epoch which ends on the 23rd, will the rewards be distributed per epoch?

Thanks again!

Rewards are only earned for epochs 211 and later. The rewards for epoch 211 will be available from the start of epoch 213.

Yes, at the start of epoch N the rewards for epoch N - 2 become available.


Thanks for the prompt and the accurate replies Erik. Everything makes sense now. I look forward to it and the further developments of cardano!

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