Did you get any staking rewards from July29th to today?

i did not get any. Is it normal?

Yes, shelley has just started. No one has any rewards yet.

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First rewards will be paid out at 23rd August. :slight_smile:


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thank you. CHeers!

Also at the moment only 10% of the network is creating blocks so a lot of people still won’t see rewards for this Epoch. That number will change to 20% for next Epoch and then gradually decrease until it reaches 100%. All this is to say that in the first few epochs, it is normal not to see anything as the network ramps up.

I will also add since others are asking, this does not mean the pool you are staking with is good or bad if it generated rewards now or not. There’s a lot of luck of the draw at play at the moment. I know people are eager to see rewards as am I but the faucet is getting opened somewhat slowly to ensure a smooth transition of nodes from Byron to Shelley. Epochs are also longer (5 days) so please have patience and keep the faith with your pools.

Happy Staking

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