No rewards at epoch 80

Hello everyone,

I got an issue during the epoch 80 at the Yoroi wallet. I think it’s a bug but at the daily reward graph I can see at epoch 80, 0 rewards and at epoch 81 rewards. We are at epoch 81 currently so it’s imposible to get rewards for that epoch right now. In the other graph I see the rewards from epoch 79 and epoch 80 to be the at the same level.

I hope the guys at Yoroi can check the problem!


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Good morning!

The same thing happened to me! Zero rewards epoch 80 but I already have rewards for the current epoch 81. Which I thought it is impossible, right? Normally you get the rewards after the epoch ends…

Thanks in advance


ye i just saw the same in my wallet. anyone know what happened?

I didn’t receive any rewards for epoch 80 either. Checked in both Yoroi and Daedalus Rewards; nothing was added to my rewards that day.

I didn’t think much of it until now — the pool I’m delegating to lost a few big stakers, got bumped down to around 10m ADA, and I figured it had become so small it might not get to make any blocks on some days. (But when it does… well, it evens out)

But now I’m also curious :slight_smile:

Here’s a reply from Nicolas di Prima, one of the IOHK Devs:


Good morning everybody!

For me it’s already fixed (I did’t do anything). Now I can see rewards for Epoch 80 and even the rewards of the actual Epoch 85.


I’m on Epoch 251 with Yorri wallet. First stake I did was last Monday. No rewards at the end of the Epoch. I delegated DNews. Wonder what I’ve done wrong??
Now I’m staked on the Epoch 252. We’ll see of I get any rewards at the end of this run??

The issue is just an UI problem. The rewards and everything is working and the account should be correct. If you don’t trust it you can take note of the quantity of ADAs you have and see the difference at the next epoch. If you don’t receive any rewards then maybe your pool has not made a block.

Rewards are given after 3 complete epochs. If you delegated in 251, you’ll see rewards in 255.

Thankyou @IPIB_Pool for answering my question. This really helped.

Thankyou @Khundar, this really helped.