ITN wallet problem (rewards stopped issuing)

Hi, I have had two running ITN staking wallets going for months… all of a sudden a few days ago one of the wallets stopped reflecting any new rewards… even after changing/switching to a new stake pool, I just checked and the reward amount is the same from several days ago?? the other wallet is running fine. Anyone have insight on this?? thanks

Hi there,

I’ve got the same issue. Since epoch 120, reward has stopped. Tried to restore the wallet, delegate to different pools, but same results.

Must be a bug into the system.

Same here. Past four days = nothing.

I recently switched to a pretty small pool so I expected less consistent rewards, but this is almost as if the pool simply died overnight; It did give decent returns until a few days ago.

I have switched to a larger pool again, we’ll see what happens once that switch takes effect.

You can monitor pools on and

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same thing happened to me but it was a glitch with Yoroi i think. becaue now it’s showing up.

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The reward graph in Yoroi is powered by the legacy reward endpoint of Jormungandr. We need to upgrade our instance to use the new endpoint to get it working consistently but I can’t give an estimate of when we’ll have time to do this upgrade

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Thanks for the update, this would explain some of the more subtle inconsitencies I noticed.

But I use both Daedalus and Yoroi alongside each other and the lack of rewards seems to be related to the pool, it’s definitely not just Yoroi showing it.

From the next epoch onwards I’ll be delegating to a different pool, we’ll see what happens…

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Simple question, did the pool produce any blocks during these days??
If not, you won’t get any rewards (as your prob know).

It takes two days to change pool and get rewards.

Example: My pool MICRO has 713k stake so I produce maybe two or three block a week. So not that many, but the rewards are a lot higher. It could be that I don’t get a slot to make a block for 5 days on a row, so give it time if you stake with a low stake pool.

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While checking my rewards today I noticed epoch 128 had zero rewards (most unusual). Checking with the stackpool on rewards were produced but Yoroi says zero.

So no rewards have been lost?

Hi there! Great to join the ADA family! Same issue here. On four different epochs, zero rewards even tough the pool did very well on those four epochs. Last happened today on 133rd. Contacted the pool op and he said the rewards have been distributed and from their side everything looks fine. I guess i’ll have to change the pool because it was not happening before i changed the pool.

It’s not the pool, it’s a display issue, you haven’t missed the rewards you just can see them.

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This might be true for Yoroi but the same number of rewards are displayed under the Daedalus Testnet wallet

suggesting the problem isn’t common to Yoroi.

The atatched screen shoot heights missed (or not displayed) epochs.

The total reward balance shown is correct – it’s just the node occasionally fails to log historic reward information causing Yoroi to show 0 rewards for that specific epoch

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Hi Sebastien,

I don’t want to beat this up but, as an example, if: -

  1. Epoch #1 has an reward of 50 ada
  2. Epoch #2 has an reward (showing) 0 (or unknown x) ada
  3. Epoch #3 has an reward of 40 ada

Total reward would = Epoch 1+2+3 = 50+x+40=y

If y = 90 ada than x=0

My point being, when Yoroi or Daelous reports the total reward, there is no allowance for x, hence no reward. supplied.