ITN rewards not issuing (stopped?). jeezuz christ AGAIN?

Look, this is really starting to make me lose faith in the project… months into this and now several days ITN rewards stopped issuing checking both Daedalus and Yoroi… smh. anyone? Bueller? ?

ITN rewards have not stopped. And not sure why you refer to it as AGAIN, it hasn’t stopped since beginning of the network.
What may prevent you seeing your rewards is:

  • Yoroi wallet isnt updated to latest rewards API, hence daily reward graph doesnt show right values, but total rewards shows it correctly; The current priority for Yoroi team is working through upcoming Haskell testnet. You can get daily notification using this bot instead.
  • You’re delegated to a pool who did not make blocks for epochs you didnt receive rewards for, you can check your pool’s block history via pooltool or adastat websites. If so, you should usually be able to contact your pool operator to double check, or you’re free to elect an alternate pool.

You can also use the Pegasus Tool app to track your rewards… The app showed them correctly for me when Yoroi didn’t show any rewards after a couple of epochs. (It did a while later)

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