ITN rewards not issuing (stopped?). NORD pool specific ...god damn!

What’s the problem here?, this has happened two or three times different pools now… 36hrs and NO rewards issued at all?? any insight or follow up? right now this is my experience with recent transfer of. stake to NORD pool…

Do you use ITN Yoroi wallet? its just a display bug and i got the same issue.

But you get your rewards daily if you dont switch pools.

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I’m in the same boat. Using yoroi wallet and delegated 5/4 with NORD but no rewards so far. Said there will be no rewards through epoch 149 on dashboard. What is the deal?

Your rewards are registered to your wallet on chain, if your delegation was successful. The issue is a bug in how the rewards are displayed by Yoroi, I imagine.

Perhaps you can find your address here?