I have been staking staking and receiving rewards for months. I redelegated in epoch 247 and suddenly received 0 rewards for that epoch. Is this a bug?

I have been delegating and receiving rewards for months in a stake pool that has 45% saturation. I re-delegated to another pool in the middle of epoch 247 and just noticed that I received 0 rewards for that epoch. I’ve confirmed that the pool generated blocks during that epoch (well over 20).

I was under the impression that I’d still receive awards after re-delegating since everything is based on the snapshot taken at the beginning of the epoch. Am I missing something?

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After using cardanoscan.io and running some numbers, I think this may be a bug in Yoroi’s delegation dashboard. The difference between the dashboard and the cardanoscan.io numbers happens to match my average rewards per epoch, leading me to believe Yoroi is skipping the rewards for this one particular epoch.

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My epoch disappeared but total balance is right epoch