Delegation, no rewords for 2 weeks?


I have been staking my ADA for a year now and recently the rewards stopped working when I switched to a new pool. I waited for 10 days and Epoch progress was %100 twice but I did not get a reward. So I switched again to a different pool and same thing, no reward after Epoch progress hit %100. Any ideas?

when did u redelegated (which epoch)? and what is the new pool ticker? also the old ticker

(the rewards are delayed with 2 epochs so for the last 2 epochs after redelegation you should receive rewards from old pool)

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Thank you for the quick response. I am sorry if my terminology is wrong but I am new to this.

The most recent delegation to TRU-True Staking Pool. Current Epoch is 305 showing %47 progress. But this is the third time and first 2 times there was no reward.

Before delegating to this one I tried another pool and epoch progress reached %100 twice with no reward so I switched to this one. I hope this helps…

yes but on which epoch did u redelegated from old pool to new one?

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Sorry, I can only give you the current picture as I dont remember the old info. Is there a way to pull historical records?

you can provide one address from the wallet

Like this?

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yeah, but delete this picture and send me the address as text, I need to check it on

The problem is my Yoroi wallet on iphone is not letting me copy the address

go to receive an copy one address from there

Ahh you mean you need my address? not the sender… I will send through message in a sec.

according to 2 months ago u delegated to SPCP which is a small pool and didn’t produced blocks in that period… you should receive rewards from TRUE stacking starting with next epoch (306)


DId the pool you are delegated to produce blocks during the epochs where you got no rewards?

Sorry, I have no idea. I thought we get a reward each time progress goes over %100 and it happened twice…

No, in order to receive rewards the POOL should create blocks… in case of not, u (the delegators) will receive nothing

OK good to know :blush:

And is there a way to see if a block is created?

before to delegate to a POOL check it on or ( check the history of the pool for the last epochs). Also u can check on if u know the ticker of the pool… and the last one u can setup an auto alert message for the pool in telegram (u will receive alerts when… a new block was minted, the pledge was modified, etc)

Great! Excited to learn more, thanks!

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So last night the progress reached %100 but no reward again.

Yeah,I checked again and it looks line u delegated to TRU not TRUE

TRU it’s a small pool and it didn’t created blocks this period


If u want to be sure that u will receive rewards u can delegate to my pool, it’s creating blocks freqvently… but also small pools can return great rewards :beers: (not each epoch but per total should be ok)


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