Shelley release date

First, Im long investor in ADA. And I beleve in it…
But with this things about release date of Shelly things look like comedy…

Assume your lend me some money. I told you I will pay back next week. But next week nothing…
Then I give promise for the week after…but still nothing…and nothing…

Can you believe me after that ???
Is it better from me that I say I will pay back next year. And than next year I pay that…

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its not like you would lend some money, you are an investor and if you don’t like what they are doing you are able to sell your ada at any time.

i agree with you that the communication wasn’t the best a few months ago, but they learned from their own faults and changed the way how the communicate.

i still belive in this project and i have absolutly no problem with that delay.


Im investing on facts and promises that you give to me.

I only want to say that for me is more fair to say …Shelly realease will be in 2022. And OK. I never ask you about that till that date…


In first we are not company investors, we are owners of utility ADA tokens wich bought from thirds party like markets. Depends of our vision we can sell tokens or keep hold. IOHK does not have any responsibility with us included ROI, market price or success of project).

In second we have about 12-14% in ITN now. For me it is great passive income (and I call the team not rush with finish ITN :slight_smile:

In thirds it is normal make delay in IT projects and when they are pioneer industry delays and crashed deadlines will be happened anyway (Lisa, NeXT, Macintosh or Iphone)

But now we can see how the Iceberg starts to float up and soon will be DISCO here.

Great progress, Great Team, Great Ideas!

Just be patient and enjoy your life (also AMA and github) :slight_smile:


Keep in mind Byron, Shelley etc are not single “releases”. They are overlapping / interlocking segments of a larger project that will be implemented gradually and in a specific order, but never on a single, specific date.

Even the roadmap clearly indicates this – but admittedly that hasn’t been updated in a while and is obviously no longer accurate.

There have indeed been some serious delays. These have been explained, and any speculator who has lost confidence is free to pull out at any time.

I can’t even recall a single project of this magnitude sticking to the initial timeline. There will always be unforeseen setbacks, bugs, … and as long as those are properly communicated and not repeated I can accept that.

“Show me a completely smooth operation and I’ll show you someone who’s covering mistakes. Real boats rock.” – Frank Herbert

Basing all planning and communication on a worst case scenario might help prevent missed deadlines, but trust me – in no way, shape or form will that increase confidence among investors / end users, or help you deliver a good product at the end of the line.


That is a really bad analogy.

Shelly was supposed to start before the end of 2019. No apologies from Charles i won’t seen. This chatter lasts a very long time. just 'bla-bla-AMA-bla-bla"

His apology is 13% in ITN


well you can sell your coins at anytime if you don’t like the progress we are doing here :slight_smile:

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yes i can sell ada. now its is just dust (like the charles words). if i’m wrong --> proofs

nobody has to prove anything to you. as i said before, if you don’t like the project anymore, sell your coins. :slight_smile:


are you talking to me on behalf of the developers?

no im speaking as a part of a community :slight_smile:


i’m a part of community too. don’t tell me what to do with my coins

I asked for your advice?

calm down @nodus

nobody is forcing you to do anything… i think you just had a bad day… i wont reply again to your post now :slight_smile:

have a nice day and good luck with your decision!

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@nodus no need to spam the forum and troll. Your arguments are also unsubstantiated.
Let this be the first warning.