Shelley StakePool

Please I have a stakepool running shabbily

when I issue the below command I get that is up but how can I get incentivised?

./jcli rest v0 node stats get --host “

blockRecvCnt: 175007
lastBlockDate: “125.996”
lastBlockFees: 0
lastBlockHash: 9e4fd9b273b4f710b1295e31303019cb56f2c23ea9587f0b3eb324130b854998
lastBlockHeight: “82916”
lastBlockSum: 0
lastBlockTime: “2019-12-05T11:34:23+00:00”
lastBlockTx: 0
state: Running
txRecvCnt: 21
uptime: 90433

Is this what you are looking for?

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Hello and welcome to the community!

It sounds like you are currently running a passive node which doesn’t have the ability to create blocks.
To become an active stake pool node on the testnet follow the steps in Chris’ great guide:

A very rough summary of the process:
Create a secret, public and address key, receive some testnet ADA from faucet (or in telegram people will send you some if faucet is empty), run the ‘’ and then ‘’ scripts and you should then be ready to stake once your transaction has been received by the network (I believe you only begin staking in the epoch after the epoch you make the stake pool transaction?).

Good luck!

Okay thanks I will go through this step and revert

Can you help me with the error below, plus I need fund from faucet?

##1. Create the offline transaction file
##2. Add the Account to the transaction
##3. Add the certificate to the transaction
error: The following required arguments were not provided:

jcli transaction add-certificate --staging

For more information try --help
##5. Retrieve your stake pool id (NodeId)
Invalid data
|-> invalid length
============== Stake Pool details ================
Stake Pool ID:
Stake Pool owner: ca1sklzzyrzgcqc03vw3xt8mahynllqxj4vt0mq83pmuz8mfuyjz0z7jzkk5rx
TAX_VALUE: 25000
TAX_LIMIT: 10000000

rm: cannot remove ‘stake_pool_certificate.signed’: No such file or directory
##6. Create the node_secret.yaml file

What command did you run to get the above output?

./ {REST_PORT} 25000 10 10000000 (cat receiver_secret.key)

But I realized I skipped this


because I was not sure of the DESTINATION ADDRESS to use

Great guide. What I am look for clarity on is:
This guide is for running jormungandr on a virtual private server (VPS), running Ubuntu 18.04. (does that mean not a local machine?, hence 2 ubuntus. 1 local and 1 vps (or another machine)


ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/<YOUR KEYNAME>.pub root@<YOUR VPS PUBLIC IP ADDRESS>

Do I need so have a paid vps like digital ocean, or is this all on my local machine. Not clear on what goes in the VPS public Address

The guide will also work if you are running Ubuntu locally inside a virtual-machine.
You can basically:

  • Install virtualbox on your local machine
  • Create a new virtualbox using Ubuntu as the OS
  • Carry out the steps in the guide inside the virtualbox created in previous step

If you already have ssh access to your virtualbox you might not need to do the step you quoted in your previous comment.

Good luck on your stake pool journey it is well worth the effort and you will learn a ton of stuff!