Shelley Testnet - There was an error parsing the genesis file

Hi there,

I am trying to run the Shelley Testnet based on the documentation available on the testnets . cardano .org website but I am running into some issues.

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04LTS for that purpose .

I went through the steps of “Building a node using Nix”

Initially in the documentation there were no nix.conf but at some point you added them to retrieved cached compiled files I suppose, so I don’t use them as I let it build all files using the command provided nix-build -A scripts.ff.node -o ff-node-local

However based on the docs “You should no have a cardano node running on your machine connected to the Shelley testnet” I am expecting for the cardano node to run but I get the following issue:

There was an error parsing the genesis file: /nix/store/v8ksp7p5rhkqmygi1zj9-ff-genesis.json Error: "Error in $.genDelegs['346216339489951cce80d54f009179c6e']: Hash is the wrong length"
“The hash above is changed for this post”
I suppose I need to change the configuration somehow? But is this supposed to happen? Anyone that can help me out? I would appreciate it.


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scripts.ff.node is the old Friends and Family testnet and is not compatible with current master.

What is (or rather should be) compatible with current master is shelley_testnet .

I realised that but blindly following the documentation and building it with nix uses that, how do I make the switch? Is there a specific tag on the repo or smth? Do I need to start over?

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