Shen, Hosky, Minswap Reward Tokens

I have tokens farming in Minswap. Lately I received 3 new tokens in my wallet: Shen Reward Token, Minswap Reward Token and Hosky Reward Token. Am I suppose to retrieve some kind of reward from these tokens? Anyone could explain what these new tokens are?

I assume that those are scam tokens. They get airdroped into your wallet and if you inspect them you will see an URL where you would have to connect your wallet and sign a transaction in order to gain these “rewards”. In fact after you would sign that transaction, your wallet would be drained.

So best is to simply ignore them or send them to a random address.

Thanks. I had doubts about them. How do I generate a random address to send them to? I don’t want them in my wallet. Also I think this scam should be reported to the greater community.

You can send it to $burnit ( its a wallet from Eternl where they collect all of these tokens.

To be honest these warnings are all around the community already :sweat_smile:

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Yes I just did a search and plenty of same scams. Thanks .