Small SPO $HOSKY nominations! Get more delegators and visibility for free!


Hello all small stake pool operators. There is a new S**T coin in Cardano and it’s mooning as we speak! The best part is that it was created by SPO to help small SPOs to get more delegators.

$HOSKY coin is a meme coin that has circulating supply of 100 Trillion (total supply of 1 quadrillion, but you can read the details about that in their brown paper :rofl:), yet its selling for 40 to 80 ADA per Billion. It’s hot, people want it and they are trading ADA and NFTs to get it.

Minting of this token has backlogged and they have over 100,000 transactions to clear trough, so demand is now trough the roof. Here is a clip from $HOSKY dev Discord: devHosky

So why does this concern any of small SPOs? Because $HOSKY devs are giving away 100 Trillion of $HOSKY to nominated small SPOs to give away to their delegators… and currently a lot of people are looking to get a hold of $HOSKY. Check out recent $HOSKY escrow prices: image

All you have to do is go to their Discord, get nominated and if you get selected you distribute $HOSKY to delegators. Best part is there are people waiting in Discord right now to see which pools get $HOSKY so they can jump in and get some! Here is official $HOSKY dev announcement: HoskyAnn
If you are interested here is Discord invite: Hosky Token ($HOSKY)

I know there are many small SPOs in this forum that help Cardano community all the time and I’m hoping that some of you will get bunch of delegators from this. If I recognize your names on there I will hype and nominate as much as I can :+1:

P.S. I am not affiliated with $HOSKY in any way, just passing the info as a happy $HOSKY Billionaire :money_mouth_face:

P.P.S. I did make a topic giving heads up about this coin a few days ago, but it did not seem to get approved yet. Maybe shouldn’t have spelled out S**T in the text :wink:

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Quick update. Just asked $HOSKY dev about the nomination process. He replied you can just self nominate to simplify the process. Here is a clip: Update

Here is a list of the 17 best Hosky Stake Pools that pay Hosky Token rewards in addition to ADA rewards.

I wish I had my mainnet Pool running earlier, would be happy to considered for the last 3 Pool nominations.