Fellow SPO I need your help


My name Is Dan, and if you don’t know me, I am the creator of PIGY Token and also running Stake Pool ICRYP. First of all I want to thank you for all Cardano-ers who support PIGY, both for delegator and SPO that introduce PIGY as reward.

My mission is to help decentralized Cardano by giving a chance to small pool to get delegation from delegator. From what I see is that many of Cardano holders, only look for pools that they heard from Youtube or Twitter. We cannot blame them because that is what they knew.

Now, my startegy is that I would like to make the delegator moving around their stake around pools and giving them incentives if they would like to do so. My first incentives is PIGY Token along with a medal. The first challange is easy.

One should moves their delegation to 3 pools and stay for 4 epoch in each pool and must get PIGY Token. By doing this challange he/she can get a bronze medal and 100,000 PIGY for 5 winners (can be raise to 10 winner). It is very simple games.

What I need is your voice, to spread this word to among delegators and if you haven’t have PIGY. Kindly go to www.pigytoken.com and fill the form. You will get 10,000,000 PIGY (one time only).

And If by any chance you are a good PR (public relation) and you speak good English. Please contact me. You can DM me or contact me through Twitter.

I am making small team to help make this thing work. Right now here’s the team I work with @saulgodman @bwbush and @kawan.

Thank you


Cool idea, I’m going to register my pool asap :grinning:

I have the tokens and I run STAYK.
Good english speaker (not native but I dare you to hear the difference) so hit me up @STAYKPool on Twitter.


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Thanks… I will contact you in Twitter.