So I’ve done it. I’ve sent 2 ADA to get my Hosky, Cardano’s new dog poop token. Does anyone know how long it’s supposed to take to get them? I’ve been watching my transaction page. Nothing so far.

Maybe more than a day. 150k txs in queue right now

Ok. I guess I’ll just have to wait to spend my windfall.

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For me it took 2-8 hours…

I takes hours, but you’ll get them.

Depends what time you sent your ADA. They actually shut down the sales for next two days. So if you sent before the cut off you will get in a day or two, otherwise you will just get a refund. Here is a clip from their official announcement. image

I received Hosky the next day

I now have 15,575,288 Hosky. Yeehaw! Hosky is goin’ to the moon!

Hosky is not going to the moon! Pluto only…

How is this work? Where did you all get this information about Hosky and why not me? :disappointed:

I heard about Hosky from YouTube.

This is the home page: https://hosky.io/

But you can’t get any right now, the doggie bowl is out of order.

Thank you!!
Very kind of you to take time to help out.

Hello, I sent 2 ADA and received back 1.5 little over 48 hours ago. I sent from my Yoroi wallet. How/where would I see the hoskeys show up? I don’t see anything in my wallet. Thanks for any help. Go ADA!!

wait, there is a delay up to 36 hours due to high demand

Thanks. When it comes guess it’ll be obvious to see in my wallet.

yes, also you will receive back 1.5 ADA (when you will see this transaction you will know that hosky arrived )

That’s my question….I received back the 1.5 little over 48 hours ago. I see. It hoskey yet. Maybe I’m looking in wrong area…?

  • I see not hoskey yet.

check one of your address on pool.pm … you should see the hoksy… or go in the wallet to send and check for other assets

Ahh yes. I see the hoskey in other assets under send. Thanks! Still learning here.

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