Should cardano hurry up for releasing Shelley phase + goguen

Considering competition from ethereum 2.0 and other forks of bitcoin network. Cardano should hurry to launch pos and smart contracts, anything near to June 2018??

I’d rather it be right than rushed. Intentional steps,


The RoadMap says that PoS will start in Q2 2018, so around April. One step at a time is much better than rushing into things hastily.


Couldn’t agree more. One step at a time.

As Charles Hoskinson mentioned before in one of the posts I saw him comment in Reddit:

“The rabbit runs ahead with glee and unfettered curiosity. The tortoise lumbers on with grace and stoicism. We are going to be here for a long time. Beware the rabbit.”


Totally agree. Rushing development will only result in a low quality release and many vulnerabilities.

I also agree, releasing a rushed product could prove much more detrimental than failing to keep the pace with the competition at the early stages

think of cardano project like a pregnant woman (it’s software after all) no amount of extra man power will get the baby deliver faster than 9 months.

software ain’t physical stuff folks.