Should I learn Haskell?

I’m an experienced developer used to program in C and Javascript among others. I know some functional programming, specially Elixir. Should I learn Haskell if I want to take advantage on the Cardano platform? I’m thinking about writing good smart contracts.

Thanks in advance :thinking:

Haskell is a pure FP language. What you want to first ‘get’ is what makes FP unique more so than other styles of programming and why you want to learn it… by reading some of the concepts behind it in a distilled manner from some of the resources above.

Then you can learn Haskell, Scheme/Racket, F#, whatever…

Thanks a lot, @MartinMKD,
I definitely take a look at the links you are recommending to me.
Best regards, :smiley:

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"Before jumping into anything specific I want to prime you on some fundamentals about the term “function” in FP. A function in FP is much more strict than the classical definition you would get with the imperative paradigm.
If you never did FP before the chances are that this sounds true to you:

function == method == procedure == subroutine

Well, not anymore pal. You should adopt a more mathematical approach to functions from now on."

To anyone who wants to learn functional programming, start today and start small.

Hi @Chainomatic

I’ve been reading a little about Haskell and what’s new to me is the monads concept. I know some Elixir, and you’re right, the concept of -function- in FP has nothing to do with functions in imperative programming.


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