Should I switch from Coinbase?

The trick is to use coinbase pro. This requires you transfer fiat in, wait 3-5 days for it to clear if you’re doing ACH (wire who knows).
The spread on pro is WAY WAY better and the fees aren’t much diff from binance.

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That’s helpful. Thanks for the details buddy @kyleo.

The takers pay the exchange fee, not the makers. It’s explained int the FAQ.

Another article on the surveillance company Coinbase just purchased:


If looking solely for ICO’s and brand new projects, you might look to Galaxy Digital (BRPHF) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They invest in ICO’s and other blockchain venture’s. I have a chunk in my IRA.

I mean if you are not going to put it into Cardano :wink:

Their 2-yr chart kinda loosely resembles the bitcoin chart, peaking at 2017 Dec - 2018 Jan, flatlining after and dipping 2018 Dec. Past me would be scared of this charts but I’ve recently been a betting person.

If you are in the EU you may want to try BITPANDA. I use coinbase [ normal ] too and never had a problem.

I don’t know much about this coinbase. Can you give me more details?

It’s mainly a crypto<->fiat exchange, you can just google it, you’ll get plenty of info on their site and others.

coinbase is legit, secure and regulated, have account there never an issue

That’s nice. Thanks for the assurance. Side by side coinbase I would like to emphasize on crypto links where lots of upcoming projects available. How much legit they are?

Sorry but it kinda looks like you want somebody to do your research for you. If you really must do that, ask the guy who made the list. How would we know about all these sites anyway?

Exactly! I’ve not had a problem ever with Coinbase and I’m not trying to evade taxes so KYC away!

Look at Kraken. Can buy Ada directly.

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I guess not:

Hi Duane, I’ve been using Coinbase Pro to buy Eth and then sending to Binance to buy ADA and other Alt’s which has worked well for me. Until now, I’m sure you are aware by now Binance is shutting down to US users and opening Binance US. Unfortunately I live in one of 13 states that will not be allowed to use the exchange. I just created a Bittrex account to move a few coins into it. I find the user interface quite different from Binance, so I will have to learn all over again after feeling quite comfortable (not making a mistake) using Binance and Coinbase Pro. Have you used Gemini Yet? I also was thinking about them.

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I also live in one of those 13 states :). The penalties we pay for having to deal with fiat… every time I have to deal with these horrible exchanges I am reminded it’s a temporary pain.

Well as we look to the future @Joel_K the State of Wyomig is working hard to be a haven for crypto adoption and companies, I have no doubt that brokers in that state will setup to allow you to use a service where they acquire crypto for you and deposit it in a crypto bank on your behalf, to heck with the blind States, crypto is the future of the financial system.

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Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges, I guess. I’ve been using
C003oinbase Pro for several months already and I haven’t faced any issues yet. Why did you decide to switch from it? By the way, if you have doubts or want to find out more people’s thoughts, it is possible to read Revain reviews on Coinbase (this is a platform for independent crypto community where crypto users share their posts from their own experience). Maybe this source will be useful for you.

According to Revain’s overview of GDAX/Coinbase Pro:

A distinctive feature of the new platform is the support of ETN, the currency of the Ethereum system.

Thanks Melanie! :wink: