Should i verify my receiving adresses in the past?

i have an unusual question. I use for about one year Nano Ledger X with Yoroi and i suddenly finde it out that i never verified my receiving-adresses. But i received all my receiving-transactions till today without any problems ( at least i think so and i hope so ).
What should i do now ? should I verify all my past receiving adresses now retrospectively ? could it have negative impact on my Staking or on my ADAs in Wallet ?
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Russbeh Naggary Germany

Nope, it’s not a must; as long your balance and transactions are ok you are fine


Thank you for your answer,
But I ask myself, why this step is there ? Which function has the verifying the receiving public-adress ?
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I can’t find the answer (I guess is related with security) but did u tried to verify the address?

No - I would ask at first hier and then try to verify them, because I didn’t know if it could have negative impact on my stakingamount or something els if I verify all of my past transactions retrospectively. Although it is just public adresse and theoretically would be ok.
Do you mean should I try to verify? :slight_smile:

I think u can skip this step but let’s wait, perhaps someone has more infos about this process

anyway I think it’s not mandatory… I found something on ledger support page

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it isn’t mandatory.
It is made to be sure that the receiving address is correct.
Let’s imagine that you have a smart virus in your computer that understand when you copy and paste a wallet address. Then when you copy it it change it and you really paste a malicious address.

If you verify the address with the ledger this can’t happen.
Verify means that you see the address on the small screen of your ledger and check if it’s the same on your PC monitor

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Thank you for your answer, then I was lucky till now that my transactions were correctly balanced.
I will verify the next time the receiving adresses, it is more secure as you described it . :ok_hand:
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