How to verify adresses on ledger nano S with Yoroi

I have been trying to send and receive Ada from Yoroi to an exchange with a Ledger Nano, and it works.
It was a bit difficult to connect my ledger and create a Shelley wallet at first.
Now, i did some transactions to test it out and i am still unable to verify adresses with my ledger in Yoroi.
I click on the button “verify” next to the adress i want to use, then it open a window to connect my Ledger. I open the cardano App , it says " Waiting for commands…" and i click connect. A nex window open up and shut instantly , the report says finally :"" Something unexpected happened. Please retry.""

So it would be nice, if someone knows something about it as i would like to verify adresses in a secure manner.

I have deleted " no script extension" thinking it might interfere but nope , it sill does not work.

Hey @bruegel

Do you use Firefox as browser?


yep , firefox that’s right

Yeah Yoroi + Ledger + Firefox is not the best combo.

Would you mind trying with Google Chrome or Brave?

oh thank you it does work now with brave. I can verify adresses and derivation path.
Would like to delegate some Ada too, is that safe to do?

Yes. You dont send your ada to the pool, you just delegate them.

Hello, good morning, I had a yoroi wallet, then I did not use it for some time, but it was in my phone, now I have sent 154 ada into it, but now I get an error that says decryption error, and in the transactions section, where I go, the addresses are written. Deleted and confirm the text. How can I confirm that there is a QR code? Can you help me? The transfer I want to give or stake says the decoding error. Thank you.
How verify address ?

Wrote in my transaction omitted address how can i verify that?