Unable to send ada from Yoroi using Nano S

I am trying to send some ADA to another address, but I keep getting stuck…

On the screen that instructs you which operations to perform on the Nano S, a Windows Security pop-up message (grey) appears, reading ‘making sure it’s you. Insert your security key into the USB port’. Upon logging in to the Nano S and activating the Cardano app, my laptop reverts to the confirm transaction screen displaying the message in red at the bottom ‘something unexpected happened. Please retry’.

What could be going wrong here? Please keep your replies simple, I’m a newby to all this.

Hi @Bentivoglia77 and welcome to the forum!

There are two ways to probably fix this:

  1. check that you have the most recent Ledger firmware the Cardano App and Yoroi extension installed.

If this is not easy thing to do for you try

  1. go to adalite.io and connect your ledger and try if it works here.

Please note, it is still a good practice to check if you are on the most recent ledger firmware.

Let me know if you succeed! good luck.

You also want to make sure that nothing else connects to your Ledger (i.e. no LedgerLive, no other browser apps)

Hi. I found using Ledger and Yoroi was hit or miss. Adalite works great with Ledger and thats all I use now. Best of luck.

Thanks, updating firmware did the trick. Would be great if the Yoroi interface could be improved to deliver somewhat more specific error messages, though :slight_smile:

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