Yoroi (iOS) Not Able to Verify Receiving Address on Ledger Nano X

Hello all:

New arrival, hope you might be able to assist.

Impressed by Cardano’s state of development to date; decided to “jump in.”

Specifics of Hardware / Software:
Yoroi (iOS) 4.20
iPhone Xs Max w/ iOS 14.7.1
Ledger Nano X running Firmware 1.3.0; Secure Element 1.3.0; Microcontroller 2.12; Bootloader 1.5
Cardano Ledger App 2.4.1
Comms via Bluetooth

The system setup easily and works fine (as far as I’ve gone so far); have actually “received” ADA 3x times w/o any other problems EXCEPT for the following completely repeatable ISSUE:

When attempting to verify the receiving address ON the Ledger Nano X … after clicking the green button “Verify Address on Ledger” … and “Confirm” … the fol error message is received:

The Nano X meanwhile just keeps displaying “Waiting for Commands.”

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions ?

Anybody ???