Show us your Node

Since Shelley Incentivized Testnet has launched and competition started lets do not forget that there is at the same time a great cooperation between pools’ operators on Telegram thread - Cardano Shelley Testnet & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup. There’s work time and play time, so I propose a little fun show off : SHOW US YOUR NODE. It would be particularly nice to see unusual stake pool solutions. Let’s start with my stake pool TALOS. In Greek mythology Talos was a giant automaton made of bronze to protect. The name a bit willful because as I strongly support the idea of full Cardano accessibilty, my node is to prove it evidently not by size. It is fully efficient and low running cost node built on single board computer - mini PC Beelink M1 4/64GB (12x12cm), extended with 120GB SSD M.2 and backup by UPS. All work on 100Mb/s fiber link.

So, show now your interesting and unusual node solutions.


used by the fam on a daily basis ?

… of course not :slightly_smiling_face:, dedicated to work exclusively on one task as a stake pool :+1:

This is interesting.
How easy is it to set up this to run Cardano?

And witch one is best for it?

Taking under account that a completely newbie, not tech-savvy person like me managed to setup and register the pool, it wasn’t that difficult. Which doesn’t mean it didn’t take some time and effort :slight_smile:
As for ITN (Incentivized Testnet Network) it was enough to follow TG group and use IOHK site

According to Shelley Networked Testnet System Requirements, you can find on the site listed above, minimal stakepool equipment requirements are :

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • good network connection and about 1 GB of bandwidth / hour
  • a public ip4 address.
  • and note: Processor speed is not a significant factor

My little pool based on mini PC Beelink M1 4/64GB, with extra 120GB had rather low end specs of presently accessible and it still worked pretty well. I write worked because I’m no longer running active pool because it was a little bit beyond my scope at the end. But I cheer others.
Hope it helps a bit :slightly_smiling_face: