New Shelley Testnet Lessons in Linux and Windows Found on clio.1

Look what I found! :tada::tada:
Cardano On The Rocks!!:sunglasses:
(thought I saw something flash across TG on it lately)
Not sure how long its been available and I have not tested the guides yet, but for all of us non-technical person’s this looks like a great way to get started running a personal home node on the testnet.

There is both Window’s and Linux lesson’s, I tried to follow the TG chat to get my windows node up but that thread is Cardano’s most active thread i know of and there is just so much information to read thru just to get the tidbits needed to troubleshoot my process, so I am very excited to see pages like this pop-up from our community.

Hopefuly this help’s more nodes come online and the stress test on Shelley can be very succesful! Fire up a node guy’s! Let’s see if we can break the network! :fire::cowboy_hat_face:

Thanx @Clio.1

Everyone should know there are continual updates to the tesnet as improvement is made and this should be kept in mind as they get their own nodes up and running.