Showcase of Projects Delivered thanks to funding by Catalyst

Catalyst brings on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain by allowing the community to self-determine priorities for growth. It also lets participants deploy funding to proposals that tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities that arise in the life cycle of Cardano.

More than 100 projects have been delivered to date.

Below is a showcase of all projects with their close-out videos. Of course, the best way to enjoy these is with a cup of coffee, tea, or other preferred beverage while seated comfortably and scrolling through.

This showcase is beneficial for new proposers in Catalyst who want a feel for type of projects that get funded, as well as tools and collaborations that can be plugged into their projects rather than writing from scratch.

The following broad categories organize the index:

  • DApps and Integration
  • Developer Ecosystem & Open Source
  • Decentralized Identity & Decision Making
  • Outreach & Community Events & Education
  • Miscellaneous

IOG maintains the official excel on which the showcase is based

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