Side Chain Questions

I understand (basically) how side chains will operate. A proof is created that an event took place on chain A, that is then registered (seen) on chain B, such that a smart contract can act on that - and vice versa.

How easy will it be to create your own side chain? Do these basically work the same as the mainnet, or can you change things, eg. slot interval? How will the “bridging” be done?

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Too early to know for now.

Can change almost anything - that’s one of the point of sidechains. Dionysis explained that sidechains, in theory, could be used, for example, to introduce bigger blocks into bitcoin, without a hard-fork:

What exactly do you mean by “bridging”?

“NiPoPoW” is used to create short proofs, and one of the chains is configured to be able to “see” the other, so it then can officially use those popow’s and popos’ as “proof of validity”. Some additional explanations here:


Good response.

I meant the actual mechanism by which

but it sounds like it is too early for that level of detail.