Signing key deserialisation error in: cold.skey Error: DeserialiseFailure 0 "expected bytes"

I have been trying to launch a new stakepool. Every other step has be smooth so far but when I tried to launch the block producer node. I keep getting this deserialization error.
Here is the command I used to launch the block producing node
cardano-node run
–port 3000
–config config.json
–shelley-operational-certificate node.cert
–delegation-certificate delegation.cert
–shelley-kes-key kes.skey
–shelley-vrf-key vrf.skey
–signing-key cold.skey

On the pool tool I can see my pool


You don’t need your cold.skey or the delegation certificate to start the block producing node, and should remove your pool cold.skey immediately from the internet.

I suggest taking some time to understand your keys, and learn to sign transactions offline on a cold machine so that your private keys never touch a hot node.

And for your start command, also be sure to define values for these:


Your friend, FROG

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Hey Frog,
Thanks for the help. It did resolve for me yesterday itself. Yes those two need to be removed.
I read through the document again and I forgot to update this post.


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