Similar Public Addresses Generated by Different Nano S Devices

I bought 2 ledger Nano S devices about a year ago.
I set them each up as a new installation yesterday.
So each should have it’s own seed or private key.
I installed the cardano application on the Nano devices.
I noticed that the first 10 characters of the public addresses for the Cardano accounts on each device are identical.
This makes me wonder how predictable are the private keys for those accounts.
Is this normal or should I be worried about the safety of those accounts?
Thanks John

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Addresses don’t just encode your public key (generated from the private key) – they also encode other things such as information about which network you are using (which makes sure you can’t send testnet ADA to mainnet, etc.), checksums and so on. This means that for a lot of cryptocurrencies, the start of addresses or the end of addresses (or both) often contain known patterns.


That’s great news Sebastien.
Now I can store ADA offline with confidence.
This is an important milestone for me.
I was delighted to discover how easy it is to use the Nano S with Yoroi.
Thanks for your quick response.