Simple Python project (GPLv3) to fetch Cardano basic staking information

For those of us who would like to fetch quickly their staking rewards on Cardano, I wrote a very simple desktop application, well more of a dialog box indeed :slight_smile: It takes a stake key as input and then display the corresponding staking rewards (total sum and details in ₳ by epoch). It depends on Python 3.x and PyQt so both of them must be installed ; it’s supposed to work on Mac and Windows (with a native look & feel) as well but since I do not use that, it’s not tested on these operating systems.

You don’t need a full-fledged Cardano node running, not even a wallet, simply an internet access as it makes use of Blockfrost API. And since it’s free software the source code is available for review of course, I pushed it on GitHub under the name PyADA. It’s obviously mutli-threaded (as the HTTP requests must be done asynchronously outside the UI event loop). The ADA logo is reused without any alteration and with the gracious authorization of the Cardano Foundation.