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Hello Mod team,

Loving the project so far, and here is a list of a few things that might need to be changed for the forums.

  • The Announcements tab should only be restricted to Moderators only, not all forum members

  • This prevents the use of false announcements been made.

  • When I first registered on this forums I had registered the name as Cardano, I believe similar names of such, related to the organization should be restricted from normal members.

  • As if not dealt with, it will pose a few security risks, which can be used for malicious purposes - please note I have changed my username to the following.

  • A disclaimer prompt when clicking any URL links provided by community members, as this would prevent the use of phishing attempts.

  • Pinned post demonstrating the forum rules & regulations - or post limitation / restrictions for new members

Apart from that I am really excited for the future of this community forum :slight_smile:


Hi @AP-Crypto :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for this - some very, very good points - we’ll look at these asap and implement.

Best wishes,


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A wallet that works:slight_smile:
A lot of complaints about bugs and I have yet to get mine to work.

Think this should be a priority.