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With reference to this API:

How much information will be available regarding Open Ouroboros Delegation?

Will it be possible to get a list of pool addresses?
Or will pool addresses be identifiable in some way?
Will the act of delegating be queryable?
Will the payment of a reward for block creation be identifiable?
Will the a distribution payment from a pool to a delegate be queryable / identifiable?



I would love to know these answers as well.

The docs do list some information on lightweight and heavyweight delegation. Heavyweight delegation will be recorded on the blockchain, so it should be queryable. This might serve as a safety precaution so that the community knows if one delegate is receiving an alarming portion of the total stake.

Regarding lightweight delegation (from

Proxy signing certificates for lightweight delegation are not stored in the blockchain, so lightweight delegation certificate must be broadcasted to reach delegate.

My guess is that this means it’s not easily queryable.

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It would be really nice to be able to know if a transaction was a distribution from a stake pool.

All that is required to pool is Light Weight Delegation (sounds like HW is for something else to do with project governance). I think there has to be a way of identifying who is staking (through delegation or directly) and how much they are staking - otherwise a pool might have 51% right? This stuff needs to be queryable. I want to be able to draw a pie chart at any given moment to see the staking distribution.