Will Stake Delegation Done on Daedalus Side?


If want I want someone to delegate my stake, or be a receive end of someone else’s stake for delegation, will this be integrated inside Daedalus? For example, I can enter someone’s public address on Daedalus and delegate my stake to them.

Or is it done by some custom app, or maybe it’s in the Cardano SL project?

Helpful thread: Delegation Centre (Feedback)

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Please refer to the Cardano Roadmap about the progress of various features of the Cardano ecosystem. There you can see that the delegation scheme is 75% complete. I’m sure as we approach deployment, we’ll receive more concrete details about its implementation. Their estimated time for release is Q2 of 2018.


I am very curious about this very same thing. It sounds like no official word yet, but I would still like to hear some speculative conversation on the subject.

Ah thanks, the screenshot is helpful :slight_smile:

It looks like delegation is done on Daedalus, how about openning up your own pool ?

The roadmap page actually provides screenshot of the delegation process.

Directly from Cardano Roadmap, it is hard to read on that page:

Key to decentralisation is the ability of stakeholders to delegate stake. In a proof of stake system such as Cardano, stakeholders have an obligation to take part in the protocol. To make this practical, stakeholders are able to delegate their obligations to others — so-called stake pools — which are able to fufill the obligations. Stake pools operate core nodes that are online at all times and take part in the protocol and produce blocks in the blockchain.”



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