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Feedback thread, post below.


Can we use this feature now? or it is just a update?

@Griev8888, I believe the implementation is still on track for March (?)

If I understand correctly, it seems like delegates will be able to vote on our behalf? In that light, will there be someplace where we can review the delegate’s past votes so that we can figure out if we still agree with the delegate’s school of thought etc?

Yes but only if you want them to vote for you or to stake for you. If not you can do it yourself.

Do you know if its possible to split vote and stake? In the sense that I might trust someone to secure the network, but might not agree with his ideals. Or is it necessarily linked?

I dont know for sure but it would be logical to have both options.

There may not be a need for this feature as there are 2 types of delegation (cf. Delegation doc )

In the case of the lightweight delegation, the delegation is used only for generating block, so I assume you can still vote by yourself aside as well.

In the case of a heavyweight delegation, you delegate basically everything to one entity (MPC, minting and voting). If you just want to stack for minting, you can just do a lightweight delegation in this case.

One thing I don’t really get:

Heavyweight delegation is using stake threshold T. It means that stakeholder has to posses not less than T in order to participate in heavyweight delegation.

Does that mean that in order to delegate my stack for example, I need to be above T or if I want to delegate my stack, I can do it only to someone who has more than T ?

What I got from that line was that the heavyweight delegate would need to amass a total of at least T stake to become heavyweight, if not he will just be a lightweight delegate.

I also read that part of the doc and got kinda confused.

  • If you stake toward a lightweight delegate, do you have to handle the voting yourself or can you decide to stake votes too?
  • If you stake your minting stake toward a heavyweight, can you pull out the voting rights and either handle that yourself or is that necessarily linked?

A good example I can think of is that I would personally trust someone with strong technical and dev ops expertise to run a node. I don’t necessarily think he is going to act against the interest of the protocol, but he may not exactly be the best person to understand and vote on proposals. In that scenario, can I delegate my vote toward someone else?

From what I understood, you can delegates votes only in the case of a heavyweight delegation :

Heavyweight certificates are stored in the blockchain, so delegated stake may participate in MPC by being added to the stake of delegate. So delegate by many heavyweight delegations may accumulate enough stake to pass eligibility threshold. Moreover, heavyweight delegates can participate in voting for Cardano SL updates.

On the contrary, stake for lightweight delegation won’t be counted in delegate’s MPC-related stake. So lightweight delegation can be used for block generation only.

I see what you would like to have, but in my opinion, it would be awkward to delegate my stack to someone but not my vote because I would trust him to secure the network. I think that you should delegate to someone you think is able to understand how the network is working, and therefore to know what is the best when it comes to voting.

You don’t basically trust someone to secure a network if he can’t think of what would be the best for it when it comes to updating the network.


Can you please add some info about staking and how much do i need to stake to participate and what are requirements to start mining. Sorry for newbie questions, but I think people like me can’t really easily access such crucial information, thank you

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As I understand, if the person has ADA holding in Daedalus wallet installed on PC, then he/she can participate in proof of stake. This means the PC on which Daedalus wallet is installed has to be online all the time. Is this understanding correct ?

If so, can we have Daedalus wallet running on some low power consuming device like Raspberry Pi which can be kept on 24 by 7 ?

It can be confusing,

Yes, Ada, value holders can participate in proof of stake, computer OS is not a factor.

No, as Cardano uses the delegation model, you select a proxy, they operate 24/7 on your behalf.

If you want to run your own server you can, not a requirement though because of delegation.


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This is cool. Thanks Jonathan for taking time to give pin point answers. I have always been impressed with Cardano and it’s community :smile: .
I wasn’t aware of the delegation model. I will do my reading around it.

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Direct link for you @Anurag_Pimpale STAKE DELEGATION IN CARDANO SL

Many will be running their own servers/pool as they what to inject more diversification into Ada.

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Thanks a lot !

we are in March, when can we start delagation?

As soon as Shelley is released in Q2. Can be April, or most probably May-June based on recent echoes. No one knows for sure.

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