Smart contract status

Hi guys,
What is the issue with the current state of cardano that we do not have the ERC20 converter?
I’m curious as to what is being worked on currently and if anyone knows the potential issue that I imagine is causing an unexpected speed bump?

Hello @OAFS2

There is no speed bump.

Cardano network has a rigorous protocol of testing and auditing anything before they release it live on the main net. ERC20 converter is currently on a Cardano test net. It takes a while to test, check, then hire and outside company to audit the code. After that is completed, they will have to wait for the next HFC event (if applicable) to add it to the network. It is exactly the same process all of their releases go trough.

Cardano also documents and announces where projects are at all stages. If you check Status updates you can see the latest about ERC20 converter. This is the latest update from October:

This week, the team delivered the ERC20 converter MVP to the internal testnet environment. They are now finalizing its testing, assessing the features, and resolving minor issues. The core functionality of converting SingularityNET (AGIX) tokens between the Ethereum Kovan Test Network and the Cardano Testnet is working correctly. The SingularityNET team are also finalizing testing activities, and we will announce the public testnet release date in due course.”

If you would like to keep up to date with this and other ongoing Cardano team projects you can look here: Status Update - Cardano Roadmap

Hope this helps :smiley: