So what is the monthly cost of running a stake pool?

Has anyone figured out a mean?

This all depends how you run your pool, this will be different for all of us.
Some will run it from home on dedicated hardware and some will hire a server close to the backbone of the internet. Cost of the connection, hardware etc. etc…

And some will do both and with multiple servers. (home and data center) .
It is going to be quite varied and the thing that I think is important to have a debate over is if it is ok to have a race to the bottom with 0-1% fees. It will be great at first for the develegators but if staking pools will be infrastructure and is ment to evolve with the sucsees of Cardano then maybe this is not such a good idea. You could also say yes please to both and for some servies have a low fee and simple service provider (think just verifying transactions) and for other services like oracle information, data calculations for smart contracts and such you could have another fee structure.

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