Solution for this problem?

I will start saying that I’m not a professional in the crypto sector whatsoever but I do belive that some day we will change from $ to cryptocurrency and in my eyes Cardano is the only one that is trying to solve the issues that are holding us down to take that step. With that said, the other day I was thinking how the world would look like if the banks would no more exist, which is kind of one of the objectives of all this movement, to remove the need of someone taking care of youre own money for you … well probablly this will be a stupid childish question but I couldnt figure it out, how would be managed a simple thing like a loan without a bank? Because a good thing about banks is that for medium/low class people they are quite usefull when you need some money, 30-50K for the university of youre children or 10K for a new car. People will still need at least that service but I cant imagine how would that work in a cryptocurrency world. Well I hope not to look too stupid and sorry about my english if I made any mistake, not my first language.
Thx and happy new year to everyone!

Banks make money through loans by charging an interest fee, same thing will work with Crypto,

Loan on blockchain is a very tricky situation as you can´t have certainty that the coin will behave in 1 way or other

Example: let’s suppose you get a loan of 2 btc last year at this date
BTC was something around 16000 so your loan is 32000$ that equals 2 BTC

And lets say you are about to give back those BTCs now at the day 2 BTC worth is around 4000 so that makes 8000$ so in this situation is playing at your favor, now think about getting a loan in Crypto today and you have to pay it back you would pay also the appreciation of the coin : its madness

This why is very tricky loan on blockchain using crypto … still need time to research about a model that could equilibrate the appreciation or depreciation ratio of a coin