Some concerns re code based decisions

I have been looking into Crypto and specifically the Cardano project recently, really impressive project in spite of some creepy NWO-esque symbology and naming, which makes me think Hoskinson might be a bit of a front for something far bigger. A couple of things have been slightly off putting so far, the choice of Haskell in particular, that is surely going to inhibit developer adoption with Ethereum likely to win by landslide on that front. Hoskinson has a lot of knowledge on crypto topics and my money is on him winning DEFI because hes a far more credible candidate to work with governments than Buterin, and because the legacy issues Ethereum has and will continue to deal with.

I have found the Crypto market to be a complete joke, with prices based on nothing other than hype and fear, Ethereums price is a prime example of hype and fame making the price considering it looks highly likely to be technologically surpassed in the near future by projects like Cardano if Hoskinson can deliver what he promises. Bitcoin is as good as gold long term as a store of value and I consider it a separate entity to the platform race that I expect Cardano to win. Ada is unlikely to ever be worth much due to the huge supply, but its the emerging technology that interests me with a view to integrating it with my own apps.

I just wonder if Hoskinson is a bit of a bluffer on the software front, hes obviously extremely intelligent but I think maths is his main area, hence the choice of Haskell and all the papers and proofs etc. I heard him speaking about programming languages on Lex Fridman and I was not impressed by his comments on C/C++. I think its safe to assume hes has never built a serious high performance software application, as you simply cant be exceptional in every area, I wouldn’t dream of questioning him on anything math related.

The Deadulous (one of many bizarre names related to the project) wallet is built on Electron Javascript, that for me is a huge red flag - anyone with a clue about quality software wouldn’t dream of building an important tool on that trash heap. That’s a major quality sacrifice for convenience, and if that’s the projects flagship wallet, what else has been quality sacrificed on the coding side of the project? I’ve just finished building the cardano node on an admittedly 3rd rate laptop, but it wasn’t a great experience to set up as I like the vast majority of programmers, didnt even have Haskell set up, the project has more dependencies than anything I have ever built and took multiple hours to complete which increases my suspicions that many decisions have been made that have massively bloated the project.

Its one thing having the best idea, but you have to deliver it, and maybe the project needs to add someone with a proven track record in software, rather than a maths genius, to make code based decisions. Dare I say it, someone like Vitalik Buterin, shame they couldn’t work it out.