Spreading the word about Cardano

Hi to everyone around the world,

I’m new to blockchain investing. Started researching blockchain and crypto - February 2019. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2015 and it’s use cases - I believe in Cardano’s long-term approach, however I also really feel there is a need to spread the word. Does anyone know why Cardano is not listed on Wikipedia?

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I think it had several Wikipedia pages… But they all got moderated / deleted.
Don’t know why that happened though…

There’s a tweet from Charles about it

Problem with the Wikipedia editors

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This this is so unfortunate and has a longer story. You can find o lot about this in the forum. TLDR is you shouldn’t go it alone and coordinate with us beforehand. What they are requesting is “3rd party/external references”. But if you or someone else has a lot of experience and/or contacts please reach out.

That said it’s country specific. The German Wikipedia page for example is fine: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardano_(Kryptowährung)