Very Important: About Cardano's Wikipedia Page

One of the most important things we may have overlooked is that we should try to explain Cardano, to the broadest possible crypto-currency circle. Although it will surely become widely known when it succeeds, We may be injured or stalled for some unexpected event if we are not prepared to meet the success. Anti-micro gradually, things are artificial. We should come together to make Cardano’s description and interpretation more detailed, accurate and authoritative.
Few people in China know what Cardano is, even though she ranks fifth in the cryptocurrency market. On 8btc, translated into Chinese, English news directly “Cardano” translated as “艾达币 (Ada Coin)” instead of “卡尔达诺 (Cardano)”, there is no doubt should expect to see is “卡尔达诺 (Cardano)”.
Cardano is the kind of pioneering thing - just because someone does it to succeed. Maybe we should not wait for others.
It would be great if someone with the authority could write a book for Cardano. It would be very regrettable and terrifying to see tremendous progress one day in the future, and people still hard to understand. Wikipedia is the kind of place where anyone can see wherever they want to know everything. We should have people get everything there. If one thing, on the pages of its public encyclopedia, is grossly neglected and forgotten, it must be an outdated thing - let’s not let that happen!
If someone has a professional understanding of Cardano and has ample free time, really hope we can work together and make Cardano’s Wikipedia page as truly open source encyclopedia as possible! It should be as clear as the interpretation of the philosopher’s mind.
If we do it, more people will find it and participate and talk about it. This function is actually unimaginable. And trying to articulate what we are doing is also a good way to test whether we ourselves know enough about what we are doing.
Truly pragmatic and rich theory is actually useful for what you do. Whenever I see someone saying that Cardano has no product, Cardano does not have an open source code, and Cardano just talk and talk, I can only laugh them. They really didn’t try to know the details ever.