Stable address for Yoroi wallet for receiving over the counter payment?

Do I really need to generate a separate address for every transaction?
It would be easier if I could just post 1 QR code on the wall and allow every customer to use the same address.
What is the drawback of this?

I have a Cafe that is ready to give it a shot at accepting Cardano as payment and become our embassy in Warsaw. I’m working on making user experience as seamless as possible and having to generate new address every single time seems like a big pain point.

You are able to use the same address over and over again.

The benefit of using different addresses per transaction is your privacy :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer! I just want to clarify it a little bit before I print QR code and post it on the wall :slight_smile:
So if I click Generate new address 50 times I have 50 addresses that can be used to receive ADA and they are not expiring at all?
Seems like something prone to break if many users accumulate those over time…

Exactly, u can use same addresses forever

exactly :slight_smile:

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