Stake Pool data/stats sorting capability urgently needed

Hi All,
I have been reviewing the stake pools have become very frustrated at the numbers and trying to go each one to find my preferred choice. I would strongly urge the Stake Pool developers to have an option for sorting the stake pools from Highest to Lowest by selecting:

  1. Controlled Stake
  2. Profit margin
  3. Cost per epoch
  4. Performance
  5. Produced blocks

Given that the data will change over time, a refresh should automatically re-order the list. This will help the stakeholders to make more easily monitor the changes and if required change the stake pool.
I hope I get a lot of support for this idea from Stakers…Please!

Watch out (provided for free by LOVE pool)

Spoiler: And please watch out for pools providing support like this answer, and doing this in the community for years: CLIO1 does so with explorer nodes, educational content and much more.