Stake pool relay only 1 inbound connection, what is wrong?

Not sure what you mean. I don’t have this directory, as I did not go through the entire guild-operator recommended setup.
This is what I used: Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

I did, however, change the CNODE_HOSTNAME= value to the FQDN of my relay node, and added in the CUSTOM_PEERS= as my block producing node.

Ok… can u go to topology updater and edit the cnode_hostname ?

Edit like default… save and wait to run again… then restart your node


and let me know if this silved ur issue

yes, I had changed that yesterday. Will wait to see if it fixes the issue, see if any other nodes connect to mine.

but…updated the LOG_DIR in the topology updated script, ran it again, and it looks like I had not been successfully running the updated script that I have in place. just got this resultcode. So it looks like I am starting the process again:
{ “resultcode”: “201”, “datetime”:“2021-01-02 14:49:08”, “clientIp”: “2001:1900:2200:3b00:216:3eff:fe7e:1709”, “iptype”: 6, “msg”: “nice to meet you” }

can you tell me your public IP address and port? I’ll add it into the topology script also

You can find my relays ip on chrty ticker

But, why did u modified the log path?

I was still having the same problem after a couple of days so I went back and compared the script from CoinCashew to the one from Guild Operators here and while they are quite different the curl request is still the same. The only difference is that they are calling fetch straight after updating their IP. So I did that and immediately got incoming connects. My woking is here if you want it


You should have this in mind …

if you run your node in IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network configuration and want announced the

IPv4 address only please add the -4 parameter to the curl command below (curl -4 -s …)

So you should edit ur topology file …

curl -4 -s "$

changing it to ipv4 helped. I now have 3 connections and am processing transactions. Wonder why it won’t work on IPV6? Does the Ipv6 address have to be published when registering?

thank you - i did this, and the updates are happening regularly now. I have 3 connections!

Maybe u should use (I didn’t tested but u can try) for ipv6


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appears there may be an issue with this, as your block producing node needs to be listed as a custom peer also, something like this should work, I think:

I was getting multiple other connections to my relay node, but my block producing node no longer had an inbound connection

Show me your topology file from BP

also check from your relay if te BP hs the port opened

From relay:
telnet BP_IP port

Also on topologyupdater script from relay (BP doesn’t need to run the script) to custom peer check if u added the BP IP:port as u mentioned above

But if u start ur nodes with IPv4 arguments… in topology files of BP put your relays IPv4 and in topologyupdater from relay put to custom peers BP Ipv4 address

Restart the nodes and check again

got it! changed the custom peers to:

Screenshot from 2021-01-03 17-02-34
Screenshot from 2021-01-03 17-02-38

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Well done!
After 12 hours you should restart ur relay to see if in peers will increase
I am doing this at each 12 hours… for a dynamic topology…

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