Stake Pool with VPN

Hi All - sorry that this question is probably super basic and if it has been covered already, but I’ve done my research and just want to be sure I understand everything.

I currently have residential broadband access served by their standard dynamic IP addresses. I understand that I’ll need a dedicated IP address to run a stake pool.

In order to set up a stake pool from home, is it sufficient to run a VPN with a static IP4 address, even though the address running into my home is dynamic?

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I used a free vpn and I’m freaking out please help…

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Welcome @mollybrown, no need to freak out, @Workshop_Maybe I believe you need a public static IP, which you can get from any popular VPN service albeit with a subscription or you can ask your ISP. :vulcan_salute:

What do you need help with @mollybrown

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