Staking cardano using ledger

Hi guys,Will we be able to stake cardano from ledger nano s in the future…I really feel much safer keeping them on ledger.Tks

Strongly agree! I use a Trezor T and this presently debars me from all staking. When oh when will this banishment end?

yes we will be able to stake via daedalus when we use a hardware wallet in the future :smiley:

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Please note that this has nothing to do with some sort of “banishment” the problem here is how slowly hardware wallets can be updated. It makes no sense timewise to include them into a testnet that progresses in a very fast way.

If you are interested in all the details and reasons @SebastienGllmt did a video about this (main topic is a bit different) a few days ago:


It does not… I have mine on a ledger, but I am staking on testnet.
Just needed to send to a regular yoroi wallet just before the snapshot and back to ledger after the snapshot.

Thanks for the info guys…guess i will wait ontil ledger is fully supported.