Staking from current paper wallets possible

Will staking be possible from funds held on currently generated (V1.2) paperwallets or will there be an additional paper wallet conversion step requried to allow for staking?

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While there is no need to “convert” an existing paper wallet, you have to import it once into Daedalus to be able to stake.

Once done, can the wallet information then be deleted again from Daedalus?

Bascially yes, but there are no details out yet on the exact way to to this. Maybe there will be an extra option for this, that does not even require the restoration of the paper wallet. But the private key is needed no matter how they will do it.

I agree. From a user perspective it would be great if the staking allocation could be done when the empty wallet is generated and there would be no need to touch it again later. (All funds on the respective address would be delegated to the once selected staking-pool)

This will be the case.

So is staking still on for this quarter? Have they started public testing?

yes, no