Startup SPO with connection refused port

Hello everyone! I’m starting up an SPO for my studio and following the coincashew guide.

The quick of it is that my connection is refused on for port 6000. I have 6000 allowed from anywhere in the relay node ufw and port forwarding is setup on my router. I checked with the ISP and they promise they’re not blocking the port. I looked at my modem and I’m pretty sure it’s just bridging and not running any NAT forwarding. I’m out of ideas as to what the issue is and forum threads and AI tools aren’t pointing me in any new directions either.

I’m brand new to networking so if you have any ideas that seem fundamental or insulting to people that know what they’re doing, please lay them on me. I’m comfortable sucking at new things. Many thanks!


Is the node 100% synced? If not then thats the reason


Just one of those questions, but is your connection a static IP address? And reserve just for you?

Yes, the node must be 100% synced otherwise the port will be closed

Hi Jeremyisme! Just this morning I upgraded my ISP service to get a static IP, hopefully this will fix my issue – I’ll find out in a few days. Thanks for your help!

Alexd1985 – Alrighty I’ll move on to syncing with the blockchain once I get the new ISP service setup. I was stuck at the end of port forwarding configuration instruction that offered links to a couple of port forwarding tester tools to verify I had them set up correctly. I’ve been operating on the assumption that the guide is laid out in a specific order and I haven’t gotten to anything about actual operation yet. Thanks for the help!

So it turns out that once I got my static IP through my ISP I was able to see port 6000 on canyouseeme dot org and I was able to sync with the blockchain successfully. Thanks for the help fellas!