Storing your ADA

Hi everyone,

I did a video collaboration with @Berry3k. We’re discussing what options we use to store our ADA. Great for beginners and new members in the Cardano community.



Excellent presentation. Covers all the strategies along with many of the negatives of each. The most secure storage, it seems to me, is to get your ADA off exchanges, off your computer, and into paper wallets.

The one problem that you also addressed is succession. What happens to your ADA if you die? How does your successors get it. No one is getting into my computer. Even if I tell my family how, they won’t remember. My solution is to put my paper wallets in a safe deposit box in a bank. The prices are reasonable in my area, I can leave instructions in a will, and it’s about as secure as it gets when it comes to fire and other natural disasters.

I didn’t think about laminating the paper wallets. Thanks for that tip.

Good work fellas.


“My solution is to put my paper wallets in a safe deposit box in a bank”

Looks like centralizing your coins. Doesn’t it?

and that mean or implies…?

it just seems to me that putting paper wallet to the bank is a bit backwards when it comes to independence. Such a loose thought :wink:

it doesn’t appear that you know the purpose of a safe deposit box. The name says it all.

As far as you have access to bank or post office…

They are all over the place where I live. What country are you from?

It was supposed to be just a funny remark. Often, some solutions still seem without a full guarantee as some fall into paranoia in our space. Peace.

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I have Had some wallet problems over the last few months after an update wallet it would hang for hours and not load , gave up and so i installed the latest and it is now working, shows 0 coins no problem I thought went to restore and i find on my oldest recovery Phase i only have 19 to 27 wrote down on the old wallets why would i have only copied 19 to 27 down was it different back then ? I know the ADA is gone it is bummer but wondering why i missed writing down all 12 words
thanks Danny

Trezor + shamir. Nothing else makes sense.