Strange incidents in the world of cardano investments

Hi guys. I was invited to a project that calls itself a cardano-based launchpad. I want to ask you if you know anything about this project? The thing is, my friends are registered there, but I can’t find articles on reddit and medium. Name is CardanoPad. Want to know more about it? Is it bullsh&7 or not? Thank you)

Doesn’t look like a scam but make your own research

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Allready did it, there are no big problems as such with them. It only scares me that Cardano’s account is not subscribed to them.that’s why I came here. I want to ask the community. Do they even know about the existence of this project. Don’t think this is not an advertisement. We are talking about a platform where people will invest money.

They don’t have articles on medium, they don’t have articles on reddit. It is rather strange that the project, whose name they took for themselves, does not promote its first site for pre-sales.

They have 2 articles on Medium. Didn’t check the rest.
First article is from Sep 28th, so yes, they look very new and quite small, I (think most people) have not heard of them.

With a “poster website” (which they have) and no team info, I would be reluctant to invest. But like Alex said, do your own research, and control your risk exposure. To me they feel “generic”, and not community grassroots. Might be legit, might be a scam…

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Hello @VitoBambaleilo

How can they call themselves ‘Cardano based’ when they ask you for Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Wallet to get their APA tokens. If they were Cardano based wouldn’t it make sense to have tokens on Cardano Network.
How are they suppose to help Cardano projects when they can’t even integrate Cardano wallets into their Cardano Air Drop?


This is just my personal opinion, but if any project is asking for start up support and claims that it’s for Cardano project, then they should be on Cardano Network. If not, then there is plenty other projects on Cardano that are here now.


thank you all, guys) Very helpful. good luck in your endeavors

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