Strategic Partnership between Cardano Foundation and Konfidio

Exciting News! :hugs:

The Cardano Foundation and Konfidio, a Berlin-based blockchain venture studio, have entered into a strategic partnership to enable real-world business use-cases on the Cardano blockchain with corporations, SMEs and governments.

This is the first such alliance for the Zug-headquartered Foundation, one of the world’s leading not-for-profit blockchain organizations, and is in line with the mission to create and unlock value by driving the adoption of the Cardano blockchain…

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IOHK and their research and development for sure is world-class. The foundation has yet a long road to walk before it gets anywhere near being a ‘world leading organization’. But keep up the good work and you will undoubtedly get there.


“World leading not-for-profit blockchain organization” :wink:

Thanks on behalf of the Team. It will certainly take more time and effort to get there, but we are getting there, with all your help and support. :muscle:


Thank you @Katsumoto for sharing, this development is a great indicator of what the work the foundation is doing to further our ecosystem, I’m sure the development was not easy, and if I was betting man I would put my money on this organization bieng successful and adding value to our Community, good work CF.