Stress free transactions & User friendly wallet

Can we please work on making the wallet more user friendly. I want to be able to add trusted addresses by sending 1 ADA just to verify this is the correct address and then set it up as a option.
Please also include some time of timer or a loading bar or something that calms you down…
Every time i do a transfer I feel like I have lost it all for few minutes. If we want people to join we need to make it user friendly!



U forgot to specify which wallet…


Both of them both Yoroi and Daedalus …
Thank you.

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I completely agree.
The current system is far from user-friendly.
And I mean system as in there is no wallet that makes purchasing or staking ADA possible for beginners. For ADA to grow, it NEEDS to be accessible to people new to cryptocurrency.
I live in Washington U.S. which makes basically means no exchange will give me an account. So, Please educate me if I am wrong, but the only way I have found to get ADA with USD is through Voyager. Which charges 4 Ada to withdraw, so, that kinda sucks…


Have you tried Kucoin? Or Shakepay, the app?

Kucoin doesn’t allow Washington. Haven’t tried shake pay but will now,!!!